Don't damage your pool! These things can happen if you do!

Here are five negative things that could happen if you don't test your pool water:
  1. The water may become unbalanced, with high or low levels of pH, chlorine, or other chemicals. This can cause irritation to swimmers' eyes and skin, and can also damage the pool's surfaces and equipment.
  2. The water may become contaminated with bacteria, algae, or other organisms. This can make the water unsafe to swim in, and can also cause unpleasant smells and cloudy or discolored water.
  3. The pool's circulation and filtration system may not be operating effectively. Without regular testing, you may not notice if the system is not working properly, which can cause poor water quality and damage to the pool's equipment.
  4. Your pool may not be attractive or inviting for swimming. If the water is not properly maintained, it may not look or feel clean and inviting, which can discourage people from using the pool.
  5. You may incur unnecessary expenses for pool chemicals and equipment repairs. Without regular testing, you may not realize that your pool's water is out of balance or contaminated, and you may end up using more chemicals or incurring costly repairs to fix the problem.
Overall, it's important to test your pool water regularly to ensure its quality and safety, and to prevent these and other negative consequences of neglecting pool water testing.
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