Buying a house with a pool? Here are 40 things we look for in a swimming pool inspection

Here are 40 things to look at when conducting a swimming pool inspection:
  1. The pool's water level
  2. The pool's water clarity and color
  3. The pool's water pH and chlorine levels
  4. The pool's water temperature
  5. The pool's water circulation and filtration system
  6. The pool's pump and motor
  7. The pool's filter and filter system
  8. The pool's skimmer and skimmer baskets
  9. The pool's main drain and other drains
  10. The pool's ladder and handrails
  11. The pool's coping and tile
  12. The pool's deck and deck surface
  13. The pool's fencing and gates
  14. The pool's diving board and slides
  15. The pool's lighting and electrical system
  16. The pool's heater and heating system
  17. The pool's chemical feeder and chemical storage
  18. The pool's automatic pool cleaner
  19. The pool's cover and cover storage
  20. The pool's safety equipment, such as life rings and pool alarms
  21. The pool's water features, such as fountains and waterfalls
  22. The pool's landscaping and surrounding area
  23. The pool's equipment maintenance and repair records
  24. The pool's cleaning and maintenance schedule
  25. The pool's chemical handling and storage procedures
  26. The pool's safety signs and warning labels
  27. The pool's service contract and service provider
  28. The pool's water testing and analysis records
  29. The pool's water treatment and sanitation system
  30. The pool's water chemistry and balance
  31. The pool's water temperature and comfort level
  32. The pool's water circulation and circulation patterns
  33. The pool's water flow and flow rate
  34. The pool's water backwashing and filtration frequency
  35. Water drainage and drainage system
  36. Water conservation and water recycling
  37. Water pollution prevention and control
  38. Water testing and treatment methods
  39. Water testing and treatment equipment
  40. Water testing and treatment chemicals
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